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Trinh Thang Binh - Singer

I always find inspiration to bring new songs to the audience. Usually, my creative inspirations are diverse, coming suddenly, but in the past few months, staying in one place, home is my creative space. And I am very grateful to COZY for helping his "creation place" become modern, luxurious and comfortable with THALIA sofa set!"

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc - Actress

I have the passion for home decoration, to both bring comfort and express my own personality. After searching online and personally going to a few furniture showrooms, I have picked a sofa at COZY. My first impression of KIERA sofa is the modern design and extremely personal, soft yellow color from the contour, armrest combined with soft cowhide, extremely comfortable sitting. KIERA sofa has brought to my house a very relaxing and comfortable living space but still maintain my personal touch.

Oc Thanh Van - MC, Actress

After staying at home for a long time, I like to arrange and buy new things so that he can have a new feeling in his beloved home. And Snail really liked this new NEWPORT table, this smoky gray with white veins is very beautiful and matches the house tone, this table looks very neat, but when stretched to both ends, it is up to 2m7 "super long" enough for all members My family always hangs out together. Thank you very much for the enthusiastic advice and I am very satisfied with this set of tables and chairs!"

Kim Tu Long - Singer

My house has just been renovated to make it more beautiful, so I also want to buy a new sofa set to make the house more luxurious and have a new vitality. After checking through many stores, COZY's AUSTIN sofa makes me extremely satisfied, the leather material is really soft, so the seat cushion is still very soft, but when I sit down, it doesn't sink too much and when I stand up, the chair does not. self-inflating. Especially, I often take pictures to interact with fans at home, so the design of this sofa is extremely luxurious, and this outstanding warm cowhide color will make the home space more classy. Thank you COZY for advising me on this product, the staff are very enthusiastic!"

Huong Giang - Miss International Queen 2018

Sofa is the heart of the living room, giving the space more comfort and luxury. Thank you Miss Huong Giang for choosing COZY products for her luxury villa! Talking about her feelings when asked about her experience with this sofa set, Miss Huong Giang shared: "Giang often invites friends to his house to play, so he takes great care of the reception corner. Coming to COZY store, it was a surprise. when there are countless models from many famous brands in the world to choose from.This is a sofa set directly imported from Italy, also the sofa set that impressed Giang the most when experiencing it for the first time. Experience COZY's service. With a dark tone that makes my home feel more cozy, the delicate design makes me very comfortable when I sit down. Really soft and the cowhide surface is extremely smooth. The most special thing is that the surface is very cool in the summer and extremely warm in the winter."