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60 -month warranty policy Apply from 11/24/2021

With a profound understanding of Vietnamese customers' psychology on the journey of creating a home and a sustainable business philosophy, we always put the interests of our customers first, helping customers feel secure about the quality of the furniture with the trust warranty policy at COZY.

The trust warranty policy at COZY always ensures to fix all cases of product defects, bringing long-term customer satisfaction towards COZY. We are always ready to receive feedbacks from customers in order to bring perfect products; accompany customers to build inspiring living experiences. Product details and warranty periods are hereby specified.


1. 60 - Month Quality Warraty*:

In order to bring security, satisfaction and the best experience to our customers, all technical safety and processing errors affecting product quality shall always be resolved by COZY at customers’ best convenience in the fastest time possible. Specifically as follows:

2. Lifetime maintenace 

All sofa products distributed by Cozy including imported sofas are entitled to Cozy's lifetime Warranty. For these prodcuts, after the standard warranty period, the fixing of mattress, foam, frame, and leather will be charged only for materials and labor/workmanship, applicable to those items still manufactured by foreign suppliers.

3. Trust Warranty

With products whose warranty has expired or encountered defects not listed in the Quality Warranty, COZY is always ready to provide the best solution to help you address any problems arising. With our Credit Warranty policy, all your questions will be answered!
(*) Only applicable to products with samples still in stock, not applicable to products running out of samples.


The customer's product may have different characteristics from the samples in COZY's showroom or the images on COZY's website. These are the natural properties of the material or acceptable manufacturing errors that are not technical defects:

1. Sofa sizes

Standard sofa dimensions are measured by the size of the frame. Actual sizes when measuring products may vary within +/- 2cm.

2. Leather veins, textures and natural marks

Genuine natural cowhide has innate leather properties such as long-lasting veins, natural wrinkles, fine folds, or pore marks. All of these traces are the best testimonies to natural origins of the input materials with little industrial processing to keep the original aesthetic values and quality of the products.

3. Leather properties in different animal body parts

Skin patches in different parts of an animal can have different features in color, wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots, and smoothness. Leather upholstered products can use many parts of leather in different body parts intentionally and still ensure the finest aesthetics and quality of the product without technical defects.

4. Natural stone veins

For stone, ceramic, wood products, the surface of stone, ceramic, and wood grain/vein may be different from time to time because this is the characteristic of high-class natural or handcrafted products.

5. Color of leather and fabric samples

Leather and fabric samples are just approximate indicators, for leather and fabric may vary in color and texture at different times.

6. Product tolerance

The product size information is confirmed by the Supplier and the goods are intact and sealed in their original packaging. Measurement of the product under normal conditions may result in tolerances within the Supplier's allowable limits as follows:

  • Imported sofa size tolerance is 3cm
  • Dining tables

            + width/length size: 2cm tolerance

            + ceramic surface thickness: 2mm tolerance

            + marble surface thickness: 3mm tolerance

  • Wood products: 3mm tolerance


The following cases will be excluded under COZY's quality warranty policy.
Arbitrarily repair or replace spare parts due to natural damage (wear and tear).

  • The product is damaged due to: Abuse or improper use, misuse of the manufacturer's recommendations, errors in the process of use and storage, causing the surface of the product to be torn, scratched, faded, unthreaded, broken.
  • Accidents, disasters or other force majeure causes beyond COZY's control.
  • Used with high frequency in an industrial environment, not a normal living environment
  • Not applicable to products with a discount of over 60%, or products in liquidation with notice at the time of purchase.
  • Not applicable to products not distributed by COZY
  • Not applicable to products with technical specifications that are different from those shown on display or on images on the website/network within the allowable limits stipulated in section 2.

The warranty program does not cover shipping costs for customers outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

For these cases, COZY still supports customers under a lifetime warranty policy and a warranty of trust depending on each case.


1. Receive warranty claims

Time: Weekdays from Monday to Saturday (Morning: 7:30 to 11:30. Afternoon: 12:30 - 16:30).

Hotline: 0965 140 628

2. Check errors

Upon receiving the warranty request, COZY's Warranty Department will kindly ask customers to send photos of the problematic product for preliminary inspection.

3. For customers in HCMC:

  • Minor damage/errors: COZY staffs make direct appointments with customers for product warranty right at home.
  • Serious damage/errors (requiring more of technical support(sad) COZY staff will make an appointment with customers to pick up the products for factory warranty (free shipping if the product is under Quality Warranty).

4. For customers in other provinces:

  • When there is a problem with the goods, customers contact the warranty department - then take pictures and send to the warranty department.
  • The warranty department directly contacts customers for further information about the problem and then remotely guides customers to handle minor defects or technical questions.
  • Free of charge repair and replace new products within the warranty period if included in the warranty list.

Customers can choose from 2 warranty policies:

a. Standard warranty: customers are entitled to free of charge shipping (Applicable only to Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces of Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai)

  • If there are technical problems within the warranty limit - our Warranty Department will arrange to send technicians for on-site inspection. If the problem can be handled on the spot, it will be immediately solved for customers. In case it cannot be handled on the spot, the problematic product(s) will be brought to Cozy's warehouse for checking and fixing and then returning to customers.
  • After checking and confirming the defects are included in the warranty list within the warranty period, our Warranty Department will arrange the delivery schedule for customers.

b.  Express warranty: Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

  • Customers send products directly to Cozy's Warranty Department for inspection and response. The costs of returning warranty goods will be paid by the customers based on the current tariff.
  • For those customers in other provinces/cities in which COZY's technicians cannot be deployed to check on the spot, they must cover the fees for shipping the products back to COZY's warehouse.

5. Warranty conditions/requirements:

  • Warranty Card (included when delivering the product) must have all necessary information, not erased or modified.
  • COZY reserves the right to refuse warranty if it detects that the product for which warranty is requested has been repaired, changed the status quo before sending it to COZY for warranty.
Tel:                028 6266 5050
Hotline:        0965 140 628